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You are feeling depressed and stuck.  

Overwhelmed at the things you have going on around you and things you need and want in your life, but there is a stuck feeling you just can’t shift.  

You are walking through each day with a fog around you and struggle to see things clearly, its so hard to see it when you’re in it isn’t it.  

You are nearly ready to give up and just settle to being unhappy, not fulfilled and not having the zest for life you once had.  

DON’T GIVE UP!! You can shift this energy, you can make the changes and you can Transform your Tears to True Happiness.  

I know many of you are unsure about signing up to a week long programme, so here it is.

Tears to Transformation – TASTER DAY 

A day to kick start the change you need, find the clarity you need.  

I will be there to guide, to support, to hold space and help you shift that energy.  This will be POWERFUL 

You can work this around your other commitments because its via Telegram (similar to WhatsApp), so can be accessed anytime that day, no matter your timezone.  

When: 4th October 2023, All Day 

Where: Via Telegram, I will send you a link once signed up 

Investment in You: £44.44

Are you ready to change your life? Ready to turn the Frown upside down?

Yes yes, lets do this.  Sign up here https://sowl.co/bbkGNK

Any questions DM me or email emma@therainbowoflight.com