Welcome 🙏.  I’m Emma Ryder, Psychic Medium and Divine Channeller.  For all of my life i have been an Empath, Intuitive and Psychic Medium.  I work very closely with the Angels and spirit.
Each reading is unique to you.
My aim is to make you feel happier, comforted and more confident in your future.  More reassured and positive about the now and how your future will be.  Readings are a catalyst as part of your healing journey.  Confident and reassured that your loved ones are with you and supporting you.
During a reading I will often give you tools which can help you make changes to your life and connect more deeply with your Angels.
All of the readings are done by me, Emma Ryder.  I have many years experience providing accurate readings, giving guidance, clarity, reassurance and comfort to thousands of people.
All of my readings are general and can cover any area of your life or you can have a specific area of your life looked into.  A big part of my work is focusing on those who are on a Twin Flame journey, if you want your reading to be twin flame specific please let me know.
Readings are available by Phone or Video Call (with recording available) and Email

 In Person Readings

In person readings are currently unavailable.  Please check back for updates, alternatively you can book video call or email readings below.


Video Call Reading

Video call Readings have the benefit that it is just like an in person reading but available from the comfort of your own home without having to travel and available to people worldwide.  A recording is sent to you afterwards to you have it to relisten to.


Receive a prerecorded video reading within 24hours. Ask up to 5 questions, please email to at time of booking. Limited numbers, 24 hours not to include Sunday.


Terms and conditions: Failure to turn up to your appointment at the allocated time will mean your booking is used and a refund shall not be given. If you are unable to make your appointment please notify Emma within good time and arrangements to rearrange can be made.

Email Readings

When you are struggling for time to make an appointment, have an email reading which will be delivered directly to your inbox so there is no need to find the extra time out of your schedule. All email readings are delivered directly to your inbox.  Current waiting time is 7 – 14 days, i always strive to get these to you asap.

Ten Card Email Reading


Three Card Email Reading

All readings will be sent within 7 days, usually a lot sooner .



Mediumship Reading

Bringing you messages from your loved one in spirit.  Bringing messages of hope and reassurance and evidence from your loved ones.  The mediumship readings are sent to you via email so you can look back at the whenever you need comfort.

Mediumship Reading via Email

Please send a picture of your loved one youd like to hear from to at time of booking. All readings are sent within 7 days of booking.