Tarot, How To 

I’ve been asked over and over to create a How To Tarot Course and its something I’ve started numerous times but its never been the right time, something would always stop me launching and its important to listen to that gut instinct isn’t it.  Your Gut Instinct, Your guiding light which is one of the biggest things to listen to when reading the tarot or any oracle cards for that matter.  Yes Tarot isn’t just about reading the meanings of the cards out of a book, its about reading the cards, the situation, the energy so this isn’t going to be your usual Tarot Course with a list of meanings for the cards.  This course is going to cover that but also connecting with you, your intuition, the energy of the cards and blending it all together to give you the best readings you can get whether that is for yourself or others.    The course will be Tarot based but will give you the tools to read any deck of cards you have in front of you, Angel Cards, Fairy Cards, Animal Cards, whichever it is, you can read them.  

Whats Modules are included:

Connecting with you, Connecting with Energy

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana 


Other Oracle Cards