The Journey

Over my many years on the Twinflame journey and the years I have spent supporting those on their Twinflame Journey, I have discovered each journey is unique in its own right but also very similar in another way.  Each journey has similarities, each journey goes through the same steps, steps which you have to do to get to Union.  In truth there is no short cut.  I have worked with thousands of people on the Twinflame Journey and the steps cant be avoided. You can’t miss these steps, if you try to it will take longer to get to union.

I am passionate about helping people but I have come to realise I can not be there for everyone on a one to one basis, there isn’t enough time in the day, although I wish there was, I love going through the journey with you and seeing the changes and transformations.  I have created ‘The Journey’ going through each step I know you will NEED to take on your journey, the steps I have been through myself and the steps I have been through with my clients.  Every journey has these steps.

Do you have questions such as Are they my Twinflame?  Am I going mad? How do I get to Union?  Why is it not happening for me?  What else do I need to do?  I know you will have had or will have all of them at somepoint, well your answers are here all within “The Journey’.

The Journey consists of 6 sections, separate videos covering: have you met your Twinflame? Am I going mad? Healing, Independence, Trust and Union. The independence and trust are more often than not the hardest ones for people to do but you cant skip them. The journey is hard but so rewarding, you will reap the rewards for all your hardwork and effort, you can do it, you will do it, it’s your destiny.

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Terms: Emma Ryder can not be held responsible for your journey, your journey is your responsibility, The Journey holds the steps you need to take, it is your responsibility to take the steps.