Love Crystal Package


Love Crystal Package, containing crystals to bring more love into your life

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Crystals are a source of magic and energy given to us from the earth.  Every crystal has different properties to help align you and bring you different things in life.  In this package each crystal has properties to help you bring more love into your life, which can be focused with intention.

Each crystal has been cleansed, charged with Reiki and Moon Energy and set with the intention to bring the love into your life which is needed for your highest good.

The set includes:

Aventurine (Tumble Stone): Linked to the heart chakra to help clear, protect and activate.  It aids balance within the heart and of male and female energies.  Balance is so important to allow love in

Sodalite (Tumble Stone):  It aids direction and purpose with a lightness within the help.  It helps with manifestation linked to companionship and relationships, self esteem, self trust and trust in others.

Rose Quartz (Tumble Stone): Linked to the heart and crown chakras.  aiding in self love which is massively important when wanting more love in life from others to.  It is a very calming stone, bringing peace and balance to oneself.

Amethyst (Tumble Stone) :  Linked to the heart chakra, is most commonly used to release negative and lower energies which are weighing you down or holding you back aiding the lifting of energies which brings balance and peace which is needed to allow love into your life.

Selenite (Palm stone): Selenite brings about clarity of mind, expanding awareness of self and others.  It aids connection to other realms, the angels and spirit.  It helps bring calm and clarity during meditation and other spiritual practices.

A Palo Santo Stick for energy cleansing.  Can be used to cleanse the crystals, your own energy and your space.

A natural cotton bag to store your crystals and/or carry them with you.

**Please note all crystals are natural forms and no two crystals are identical, the photo is an example of what you will get**

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