6E40B443-D3D7-4DF6-A114-8C2F64FB7487Spiritual & Angelic, Support Sisters Circle

Have you been missing your SASS lately, your drive for life, your motivation, your reason for life.  Have you been feeling stuck, lonely, misunderstood, sad, exhausted.  Then the SASS support circle is going to help you get your SASS back, a safe support circle where you can share, receive support and coaching,  Knowing you’re not doing anything on your own.

More and more I’m finding that people are needing more than just one off support, they’re needing continuing support on their journey, to help them keep moving forwards and to transform themselves and their lives.

Depending on your needs SASS Support Circle has something for you.

Amethyst Membership

Being an Amethyst member you will have membership to the private Facebook group, where I will support you and so will the other members.  Each week you will have an opportunity to ask questions, post for the support you need and receive guidance on the exclusive Live Chats offering readings and guidance to members each week.

I will be in the group each day Monday to Friday at some point during the day to give you the support you need, answering questions and giving support and guidance.  Each week I will be live twice per week exclusive to group members at advertised times to give live readings and guidance.  I propose to do these at different times each week to allow for everyone’s differing schedules.

There will be also exclusive member offers available each month.

All this for £14.99 Per month

Sign up here Amethyst

Rose Quartz Level

All of the Amethyst member benefits plus a 30 minutes video one to one session with me, Emma Ryder, Modern Mystic per month consisting of guidance and transformational coaching

All this for £39.99 Per mon

Sign up here Rose Quartz

Clear Quartz

All of the Amethyst member benefits plus a weekly 30 minute one to one session with me, Emma Ryder (4 per month) consisting of guidance and transformational coaching.

All of this for £119.99 Per mont 

Sign up here Clear Quartz

For the Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Memberships, numbers are limited and once filled a waiting list will be available.  Within 24 hours of signing up you will be sent a welcome email to invite you to the private group and to schedule your first one to one session if applicable. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me